Troubleshooting the Wii Game Disc

Quite a few people have experienced this problem. You wait on pins and needles in anticipation of the next super game to be released for the Wii. You book a copy in advance at your local video store, then get to work and in the evening you go to your video store with the excitement clearly showing on your face. You’re happy to see that the game has been reserved; you then drive home as fast as the law permits; take hold of your Wii, connect it, insert the game disc and you unfortunately get the message “Game could not be read”. At that point you are frustrated more than you’ve ever been before. But before you break your head trying to figure out the problem, know that, although there are several reasons for this message to appear Wii troubleshooting this problem is simple and also keep in mind the following tips to hopefully get the game working fine:

Make sure the game DVD is loaded in the right way. If you have placed your Wii console in the vertical position, then the label on the Wii DVD should be facing to the right and if you have positioned your console horizontally, then the label must obviously be facing upwards. If you’re still getting the same failure to read disc message even though you have correctly loaded the game DVD, then you should inspect the game disc itself. The presence of scratches on the readable part of the disc’s surface can cause this problem.

You should then try to wipe the surface clean with a very soft cloth such as a handkerchief or the like and you should do the same when there are dirty fingerprint smudges or anything similar on the disc. Keep in mind that you should always wipe the disc from its center to the circumference in straight lines and never in circles. Even if this doesn’t work, don’t get discouraged.

The problem could be that the console’s DVD drive might be dirty. All you have to do is to buy a simple DVD lens cleaner which is available at any video store for about five dollars and do a thorough cleanup of your console’s drive with it.
These are some of the easy-to-do options available to you. You may need to hire a professional hardware expert if none of them work.

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