Tips for the clan wars

Clash of clan is a popular mobile game played on the android and the ios phones. Here you have to build the village and spend resources like the elixir, gold or for training the troops and with every upgradation new features will be unleashed. At first, the entire things will go smoothly, but with every upgradation, you will have to spend more resources and time. So to proceed properly with the game you have to perform in the clan war for gaining more resources and trophies.

But for participating in the clan war, you need to have a good strategy because if you fail to plan properly even with good troops you will lose the game so here is a guide for participating in the clan war.

Strategies for clan war

You have to set the goal properly whether you want to participate in gaining stars or trophies or for getting resources. For many, resources won’t matter much. So while raiding makes sure to set the goal properly. Normally clan wars occur for gaining loot, but one should know the strategies properly. You will get the stars for 50% destroying the base, 100% destructions of the base and for the destruction of the town hall of your enemy. There will be many bases where walls won’t be protected properly so attack those villages for gaining the stars. So destroying the unprotected area can easily help you to get stars. Normally people save their town hall and forget to protect the bases, and those are the easiest wars.

For getting stars, many attackers focus on the base attack and overdo them without attacking the town hall. Troops normally attack the resources which they will see nearby, and troops with proper target won’t hit the town hall. So you have to drop the troops strategically. First, drop some troops for creating the wedge in the base and then after stripping the base drop more troops for getting closer to the town hall. So it will help you to save some troops until the end. If you can completely crush the opponent, then you can get the final or the third star. This is a tricky thing as you will be attacking a village with similar power level. So chances of winning are quite less, but with powerful troops, you can easily win the game.

Managing the base is very important. So customize the base or layout properly and make sure that you protect the town hall and resources properly. As chances of getting attacked by clans on the higher level are there, so you need to make the base strong. So create some zones when it comes to defense.

These are some few tricks which you can use for getting more stars and trophies in this game but make sure that the strategy is strong enough otherwise chances of losing trophies and troops are more. You can try the Clash of Clans Hack for easily mastering this game. But do not provide personal details when it comes to using hacks.

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