Motorola Droid X: Details and Speculation

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Verizon has just confirmed that the next Droid mobile smartphone, the Droid X will be released soon. This portion or the Verizon web site provides a glimpse of the “Next Generation of Does,” and a photo of the new phone along side the original Droid and the Droid Incredible. The site only gives three details about the new Droid X: It will have a 4.3″ display, an HDMI output and be capable of shooting video in 720p.

So far this is the only information that is known about the new Droid X. The newest member of the Droid family is expected to run on Android version 2.2, because most Android smartphone will be receiving this update soon anyway. It’s speculated that it will include the new 1GHz snapdragon processor, again as most other top of the line smartphones are now featuring. Internal memory, most likely 8 or 16GB is also a possibility. As for the camera, an upgrade from 5MP to 8MP wouldn’t be a surprise being that the phone will be capable of capturing high definition videos at 720p.

There is not an official release date for the Droid X as of now, however sources point to July 19th. Here writes that Verizon stores everywhere were notified to be prepared to open early on this day for the Droid X launch. Verizon is expected to make an official announcement sometime next week, after the Verizon media event that is scheduled for June 23rd.

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